10 ways to improve your website design

How do you know your blog or website is performing at it’s best?

Here are 10 more ways to improve your website and really be satisfied with it’s performance courtesy of Miami Web Design Company, POP Creative.

1- Key Content Hidden “Below the fold” – always keep in mind that you only have a small window of opportunity to really get the attention of a visitors once they land on your site.  Be sure to have vital content or even a Facebook fan page widget in  a area where its visible to a visitor with out actually having to scroll down too excessively. To much scrolling to find anything on your site means the visitor will get bored in a matter of seconds and leave your page.

2- Long Flash Intro -  AVOID!! Flash is dead or at least dying out of existence. No one likes to spend the time anymore sitting through an annoying flash intro before actually seeing the content on your site. Instead impress visitors with your knowledge and the relevance of your content. Maybe look into incorporating CSS into your design to have some animated effects which are ten times better then flash.

3- Clutter-  Sites with to much going on the landing page is ridiculously overwhelming. Visitors have zero patience for annoyance, so avoid cluttering your home page with terrible ads and terrible content. Avoid using bright disgusting colors in a poor attempt to attract a customer.  Keep it simple and clean, do this and your sites performance will improve in the long run.

 4- No Call to Action -  What do you expect from your visitors once they land on your page? Leave a comment on your blog? Buy a product or service? or Subscribe to your page? Keep them informed, make it easy for a visitor to navigate your site and if the request is reasonable they may very well comply. If you don’t ask they may not know exactly what to do and end up leaving the page never to return.

 5- Distracting Ads - FAIL! Pop-up ads, blinking ads, annoying banners, adult related ads or scripts that forward visitors to even more annoying ads is unacceptable. Don’t piss off your visitors and if your content is based off of ads then stop reading this blog post.. it isn’t for you. Spam is bad and annoying ads that spam are even worst so don’t even think about incorporating them into your site.

 6- Images with no labels- Putting alt tags and tittle tags for every image on your site is a great way to improve your rankings in the search engines. Which is something everyone should strive for in this industry. Plus it keeps your visitors happy to know what they’re looking at exactly. Content is everything remember.

7- Hard to navigate a site- Don’t turn your site into a labyrinth, this isn’t an 80′s movie starring David Bowie. It’s your website, so make every function easy to use and your site easy to navigate around for visitors. Provide a site map even for those who want to go straight to the source then just browse around.  When you make the experience for a visitor easy, 100% of the time visitors will keep coming back.

 8- Difficult to Understand- Write for your audience. Not everyone is a scholar so be sure to think about how well you want to write your content for people to better understand. Unless of course your audience is compose of nothing but scholars then writing at a “scholarly level” would be recommended. Other then that keep it simple, High school level even so its easy to comprehend and less frustrating for the rest of society.

 9- Spelling and Grammar Mistakes- There’s no excuse for bad spelling and grammar so proof read as much as possible even if turns you into “grammar nazi”. People surprisingly enough will pick up on it and lose interest out of pure annoyance of how badly you’ve written your content.

 10- Stale Content- Fresh content is one of the main components for search engine optimization – seo miami. Keep pumping out new content each and every day and watch as your ranking improve. Give the lovely search engine bots something to look at every time they come around to crawl in your site.

Tips To Speed up a Slow Mac

Have you ever noticed that when you use your Mac system throughout the day it begins to slow down when executing programs; applications begin to be unresponsive to your commands and the system loads up slower then ever before? Well at this point many Mac users just scrap the old one to get a new one. But why make the investment for a new Mac when The LaptopZone has great practical solutions that can fix any problem that may be slowing down your Mac`s performance at a fraction of what a new Mac might cost.

Here are some practical ways to speed up your slow Mac.

  • 1 -Shut Down or Restart your Operating System

One of the main causes for sluggish performance is leak memory coming from applications.  Always turn off your applications after using them. Shut down or reboot your OS from time to time to make sure the applications are completely closed.

  • 2 -Remove all those apps at Start Up

When an application is installed on your Mac the app is also added into your start-up items, which can slow down your operating system from successfully booting at start up. The ideal thing to do is to remove everything from start up by clicking the file Apple Menu>System Preferences>Accounts>Login Items.

  • 3 - Clear out System Preferences

In System Preferences you can look at the options you don’t need and remove them.  Un-install unnecessary applications that clutter your hard drive by opening the file Library>Preference Pane, and select among the available options.

  • 4 -Clean up your Mac Dashboard

Widgets look great on your dashboard but having too many of them consumes disk space. Delete unnecessary widgets from your dashboard for extra disk space.

  • 5 -Use your Time Machine Backup

Backup important files from time to time or on a scheduled basis. Put your Mac on idle and run Time Machine to back up all the files on your Mac.

  • 6 – Clear Out the Hard Drive

This is very crucial to speed up your Mac’s performance. Delete unwanted files stored in your disk space and you’ll see a big difference in its performance.

  • 7- Use your Cleaning Utility Tool

Luckily for Mac users there’s a long list of available utility tools at your disposal. So take advantage of them to clean up your Mac system from cluttered files.

  • 8 – Update Update Update! Your Mac System

Mac users don’t be lazy! Update your system every time and it will greatly improve your systems performance.

Be sure to give these tips a try before making the decision to buy a new Mac. If by this point you still do not see a difference then give Miami Computer Repair “The Laptop Zone” a call to see if we can help you with a more affordable solution.

What is a virus?

Computer Viruses are usually created by men and attached to commonly used files. When these files are opened they are to infect a file or a program. These viruses are in fact the computer equivalent of a human virus. A human virus gets you really sick and it usually takes a strong medication to get rid of it. Computer viruses infect your programs and files altering the way your computer works or making it not work at all.

Another common virus is the “Trojan” which acts like a legitimate program, updated via opened emails. These viruses will hide and operate incognito inside your programs to steal information such as passwords.

“Worms” are usually obtained by opening emails. Worms will copy themselves without any assistance, therefor worming their way through your emails and copying themselves without permission.

Prevent viruses by:

  • Installing an anti-virus program
  • Open only programs that you are familiar with its origin. Emailed programs are always high risk
  • Load software from original disks. Copied CD`s are prone to viruses
  • Call The Laptop Zone for a computer diagnostics

Think you have Spyware or Adware?

Here a couple of common indicators you can look out for if you think your computer has been breached by malicious spyware or adware.

1.)  Pop Ads
If you are experiencing endless pop up advertisement when ever you open a new page on the internet then you are a victim of Adware. In some cases pop ups start appearing on your desktop without opening the web browser.  At that point you definitely need to deal with the problem before you really mess up your computer.

2.) PC Performance
Spyware and adware can consume your PC’s resources like computer memory.  A really bad spyware breach could dramatically slow down the performance of your machine and cause it to become increasingly unstable. Spyware also can also take up bandwidth and affect your internet connection speed.

3.) Browser Settings
Your internet bookmarks and homepage are two main settings targeted by malicious spyware programs.  Web sites are blatantly inserted into your bookmarks in hopes that you’ll click on them by accident and be bombarded with viruses or scams. If your homepage at the start of your browser changes unknowingly then thats a sign of an infection.

4.) Browser Toolbars
Programs like these are constantly bundled up with free software when you download software. Publishers describe them as “advertiser supported” and are usually very difficult to uninstall.  The toolbar feeds adverts based on the website you visit and spams your browser. Not to mention how ugly they are when the fill up your browser under the address bar.

5.) Start Up Programs
Some spyware programs will make an attempt to add themselves to your Windows start up program list. Whenever you boot up your computer it becomes noticeably slow so check your program start up list for any applications you aren’t familiar with and remove them. Don’t know how to check your start up program list? Give The Laptop Zone a call for tips and help.

6.) Software Failure
A spyware breach can cause many of your programs to crash and stop working. If you still use Internet Explorer and it constantly crashes or just stops working then thats a sign of spyware.

7.) Host File Changes
The Host File is a windows file that maps the numerical IP Address to the Host Name like an address book on your mobile device “maps” your contacts name to their contact number. Spyware programs can mess with these settings so that you are redirected somewhere else. For example when you type in “Google.com” and you’re instantly redirected to some unknown site or in some cases the spyware author’s website.

For anymore information on diagnosing the problem with your computer let Miami Computer Repair help you solve the problem.

Knowing the basics on Spyware

In today’s world the internet has become one of the most important technological innovations of our time, It has changed the way we communicate and live taking us to new heights within our social structure, but with every positive there is a negative and in the cyberspace realm we refer to as “the Internet” our personal information can be at risk of being stolen. With so many malicious programs and tracking devices created by individuals with the sole purpose to steal your identity, in some way you always have that risk factor in mind when surfing the web. Spyware for instance, are programs that can gain access to data and track your web surfing history or other sensitive information. Malicious programs like these are constantly the biggest threats for users who have no clue on what to do to protect their computers from ever being breached. Luckily for you Laptop Zone has a few simple ways to make your Internet experience the safest possible. But educating yourself and knowing what to expect from surfing the web is only half the battle.

Installing spyware removal tools is your best line of defense to protect your computer and personal information increasing your online safety. Never think twice that you’ll never get hacked or attacked by spyware programs, always expect the worse from cyberspace and prevent it from ever happening. It only takes one time for spyware to breach your computer and steal personal information.  With Spyware removal Tools you can detect threats on the fly and have them remove before they make an attempt at harming your computer files. You can perform full system scans regularly to ease the mind from any threats and give you that security comfort when surfing the web.  Without spyware removal tools you always run the risk of Pop-up spam from browsing, error messages and extremely slow Internet connection. Why deal with the hassle all the time? Avoid being a victim of spyware and call The Laptop Zone today for your Miami Computer Repair needs or for more information & tips on great Spyware removal Tools for your computer.

What causes Data loss?

Most of us depend on our computers for our livelihood and when they are affected by any element they are exposed to loosing data and valuable information. Here are some causes of data loss on a computer.

Most issues are caused by a physical problem such as:

  • Exposure to extreme temperature
  • Spike or surge in power sources
  • Defective mechanical or electronic components
  • Variations in humidity
  • Shock or force sustained
  • Moisture contact or penetration

The other form of data loss has to do with logical corruption such as:

  • Viruses
  • File system formatted
  • Software
  • Files deleted or recycled
  • Broken or corrupted RAID

To fix any of these issues caused by either a physical problem or a logical one you can contact The Laptop Zone to get it fixed. We understand that time is money; the sooner we fix the problem the sooner you can get back to work.